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Hales, Stephen

Beckesbourne, UK

Teddington, UK

Career: Studies of theology at the University of Cambridge and at the same time interest in experimental physics and mathematics through the work of I. Newton and in botany through J. Ray; 1696 entered Benet College (now Corpus Christi) at Cambridge; B.A. degree; 1703 fellow of Benet College and in the same year M.A.; about 1706 first blood-pressure experiments on dogs; attention of Vigani's chemical lectures at Trinity College and of the experiments by John Waller of St. Benedict's Church; 1709 deacon; left Cambridge to become perpetual curate at Teddington (Middlesex), where most of his scientific work was carried on; from 1712/1713 onward again experiments on animals and later also on plants.
Selected works: Hales, Stephen. 1727. Vegetable staticks: Or, an account of some statical experiments on the sap in vegetables; Being an essay towards a natural history of vegetation; Also, a specimen of an attempt to analyse the air by a great variety of chymio-statical experiments. London Hales, Stephen. 1731. Statical essays: Containing Vegetable Staticks. London
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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