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Griesinger, Wilhelm



Degrees: M.D. (date unknown) University of Tübingen
Career: 1834 studied in Tübingen, where he received his M.D.; 1840-42 assistant of Zeller in Winnenthal; 1842 private practice; 1843 assistant of Wunderlich; habilitation 1843; 1847 associate professor; 1849 director Poliklinik, Kiel; 1850 director of a medical school in Kairo and president of the sanitary commission there; 1852 privatier in Stuttgart; 1854 became Wunderlich's successor at the hospital in Tübingen; 1860 director of the hospital in Zürich; 1865 director of the psychiatric department at the Charité, Berlin.
Selected works: Griesinger, Wilhelm. 1867. Die Pathologie und Therapie der psychischen Krankheiten. 2nd ed. Stuttgart: Krabbe [part of: Wundt Library]
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Sources: Pagel, J. (ed.). 1901. Biographisches Lexikon hervorragender Ärzte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Berlin: Urban & Schwarzenberg
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