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Haller, (Victor) Albrecht von

Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Degrees: Medical degree, University of Leiden, 1727
Career: 1722-1723 stay at Biel where he began to write poetry; January 1724-April 1725 studies of medicine at Tübingen, where he learned the fundamentals of botany and anatomy from Johann Duvernoy; stay at Leiden, where he also studied anatomy and surgery with Bernhard Siegfried Albinus; 23 May 1727 graduation as doctor medicinae; 1727-1728 academic tour of London, Oxford, Paris, and Strasbourg that ended at Basel, where he studied advanced mathematics with Johann I Bernoulli in the spring and summer of 1728; alpine journey and beginning of the botanical collection that was to form the basis for his work on the Swiss flora; winter 1728-1729 lectures on anatomy at Basel; 1729 return to Bern to practice medicine; continued his anatomical studies, enlarged his herbarium, and gave private instruction; 1736 professor of anatomy, surgery, and medicine (upon his own application) at the new University of Göttingen; 1753 resignation of his post at Göttingen and move to Bern; 1758-1764 director of the Bern saltworks at Roche; return to Bern; in his old age turn to fiction with three philosophical romances (Usong, 1771; Alfred, 1773; Fabius and Cato, 1774).)
Selected works: Haller, Albrecht von. 1743-1754. Icones anatomicae quibus praecipuae aliquae partes corporis humani delineatae proponuntur et arteriarum potissimum historia continuatur. Göttingen Haller, Albrecht von. 1747. Primae lineae physiologiae in usum praelectionem academicarum. Göttingen Haller, Albrecht von. 1749. Opuscula botanica. Göttingen Haller, Albrecht von. 1751. Opuscula anatomica. Göttingen Haller, Albrecht von. 1751. Hermanni Boerhaave Methodus studii medici emaculata et accessionibus locupletata ab Alberto ab Haller. Amsterdam
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne ; Some founders ; DSB
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