Library Trendscout

The Trendscout is a tool the VL offers on an experimental basis. It allows at searching bibliographic references with a special focus on statistical issues. Titles of articles can be checked with respect to the frequency of specific words or trunks, e.g. muscle or graph. Results are presented in diagrams indicating the total number of hits (blue) and their ratio with respect to the complete amount of titles (red). You can select the period you want to search (e.g. 1850-1890) as well as intervalls of interest (10, 5 years and so on). Clicking on dates in the left column gives access to the full references. They appear in the window below.

EndNote Support

The library offers the export of your search results in the structured EndNote import format. Save all references to a file named vl_endnote.txt by clicking the save results link on the bottom of the result page. In the EndNote import dialog choose EndNote import from the Import Options pop-up menu and select Western European (ISO 8859-1) resp. Latin-1 as Text Translation.

Of course a print version of the results is available as well from the result pages.

RSS 2.0 Support

The library provides an RSS 2.0 feed for the latest additions. Just click the RSS icon to subscribe. Read more about RSS on Wikipedia.

Extended Firefox Support

zotero: Zotero is a free extension for the Firefox web browser to collect and manage the bibliographic data of your research sources directly in your browser. Add your library search results with a mouse click in a structered format to your local reference database. Zotero support is already available at many online libraries.

Library Search Add-on: The VL offers a search add-on for the Firefox web browser to search the library directly from your browser's search bar. To install the add-on just click the search bar icon in Firefox and choose 'Add VL Library Search' at the bottom of the menu.

Cooliris: the Cooliris add-on for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer provides an alternative gallery view in the library: view all pages of a selected source at once and navigate with the full-screen 3D image wall.