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Kronecker, Karl Hugo

Legnica, Poland

Bad Nauheim, Germany

Degrees: 1863 doctorate
Career: 1859-60 studies of medicine in Berlin, later at Heidelberg and at Pisa; return to Berlin; 1863 doctorate under Du Bois-Reymond with a thesis on the problem of the fatigue of the muscles; 1865 registration as a medical practitioner; clinical training in Berlin as the personal assistant of his friend, Ludwig Traube, and also work under Wilhelm Kühne; 1868 move to Leipzig and work in the Physiologische Anstalt directed by Carl Ludwig; participation as a medical officer in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71; assistant to Ludwig and, in the same year, qualification as a lecturer; 1875-1877 senior lecturer at the Physiologische Anstalt; 1878-1884 in charge of the "special physiological department" of the Institute of Physiology in Berlin directed by Du Bois-Reymond; 1884 successor to Paul Grützner as full professor for physiology at Bern; 1894 new building for the Institute of Physiology in Bern built on his initiative; participation in foundation of the International Physiological Congress which first took place in Basel in 1889.
Selected works: Kronecker, Hugo und Samuel James Meltzer. 1883. Der Schluckmechanismus, seine Erregung und seine Hemmung. Archiv für Physiologie Suppl.: 328-362 Kronecker, Hugo. 1863. De ratione musculorum defatigatio ex labore eorum pendeat. Berlin Kronecker, Hugo. 1871. Über die Ermüdung und Erholung der quergestreiften Muskeln. Arbeiten aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig: 177-266 Kronecker, Hugo. 1874. Das charakteristische Merkmal der Herzmuskelbewegung. Beiträge zur Anatomie und Physiologie: 173-204 Kronecker, Hugo. 1878. Ueber die Speisung des Froschherzens. Archiv für Physiologie: 321-322
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Sources: Some founders ; DSB
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