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Krogh, Schack August Steenberg

Grenaa auf Jütland (Dänemark)


Degrees: 1899 M.Sc.; 1903 Ph.D., University of Kopenhagen
Career: 1893 studied physics and zoology, University of Kopenhagen; 1899 M.Sc. and assistant of Christian Bohr at the physiological Laboratory; 1903 Ph.D., University of Kopenhagen; 1908 lecturer of Zoophysiology; 1910 founded the zoophysiological laboratory; 1916 professor of physiology, University of Kopenhagen; 1920 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Selected works: Krogh, August. 1906-07. Über die Bildung freien Stickstoffes bei der Darmgärung. Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie 50: 289-292 Krogh, August. 1923. Determination of Standard (Basal) Metabolism of Patients by a Recording Apparatus. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal 189: 313-317 Krogh, August and Marie Krogh. 1910. On the tensions of gases in the arterial blood. Skandinavisches Archiv für Physiologie 23: 179-192 Krogh, August. 1918-1919. The number and distribution of capillaries in muscle with calculations of the oxgen pressure head necessary for supplying the tissue. The journal of physiology 52: 409-415 Krogh, August. 1930. Institute of Physiology, University of Copenhagen. Methods and Problems of Medical Education, no. 18: 173-188
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