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Picture of the Month (March 2009)
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1. Wehret den Anfängen! - Initiative Neuköllner Kampfhunde gegen die Maulkorbpflicht in der Berliner Hasenheide
2. This time, Alice was more skeptical and preferred not to follow the white rabbit
3. every breath you take, every move you make, i'll be watching you!

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Respiration mask for rabbits
This rubber mask is used to study the frequency, length, and depth etc. of a rabbits respiration. Capturing pressure fluctuations in the airways with a recording capsule is one of several methods for the purpose of recording breathing movements, one topic which is covered in Oskar Langendorff's "Physiologische Graphik". Another way is to record chest movements, as it is done with the pneumograph according to Marey. But the rabbit breathes diaphragmatically, and therefore, this would not lead to valuable results, as Langendorff notes.

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See some examples of the resulting recording sheets in the source or in the Graphical Recordings section, e.g. this one from the Biblioteca Angelo Mosso, recorded with a pneumograph

Marey, Étienne Jules. 1878. La méthode graphique dans les sciences expérimentales et principalement en physiologie et en médecine. Paris: G. Masson

Gscheidlen, Richard. 1876. Physiologische Methodik: Ein Handbuch der Praktischen Physiologie. Braunschweig: Vieweg & Sohn

Picture Source:
Langendorff, Oskar. 1891. Physiologische Graphik: Ein Leitfaden der in der Physiologie gebräuchlichen Registrirmethoden. Leipzig, Wien: Deuticke

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