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Picture of the Month (February 2009)
Dedicated User Captions:
1. First Contact: CQ, this is W9GFO. CQ, this is W9GFO here. Come back? (by ellie)
2. Hallooo Echoooo (by Tanzdachs)
3. jemandem ein geneigtes Ohr leihen OR schenken / to lend sb an ear OR a sympathetic ear (Collins Deutsch-English) (by soso)

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Acoustic Mirror
This image shows a device called "Schallspiegel" [acoustic mirror] which was designed to demonstrate acoustic reflections. The experimental setting, as shown above, was part of a larger exposition in the late 19th century at the Urania in Berlin. This location played a decisive role in the beginning movement of the popularisation of science, which found its expression in a growing interest in experiment kits for the public as well.

Related Items:
- Denkschrift zum 25 jährigen Bestehen der Urania [25th Anniversary, 1913]
- Guide through the Urania.
- Meyer, Wilhelm. 1890. Ueber populäre Wissenschaft [On popular science].

See also an essay by Viola van Beek: Experimental spaces outside the laboratory – Experiment kits and instruction manuals around 1900

Picture Source:
Bendt, Franz. 1896. Die neue Berliner "Urania". Gartenlaube, no. 38: 632-637

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