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Picture of the Month (January 2009)
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1. prosit neujahr!
2. salute
3. In moments like this he felt compelled to hold on to the supporting pillar of science more than ever

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Dinner for the arriving German expedition team at the Monte Rosa
Farewell dinner hosted by the leaving Italian expedition team, when the laboratory at the Regina Margeritha mountain lodge was taken over by Professor Zuntz from Berlin and Professor Durig from Vienna. Photograph by Dr. Carlo Foà. (from left to right: Prof. Durig, Prof. Galeotti, Prof. Zuntz, Dr. Marro, Prof. Mosso, Dr. Foà, Dr. Aggazzotti, Magnani (servant)).

The Virtual Laboratory wishes a happy new year!
Picture Source:
Mosso, Angelo. 1904. Das internationale physiologische Laboratorium auf dem Monte Rosa. Die Umschau: Übersicht über die Fortschritte und Bewegungen auf dem Gesamtgebiet der Wissenschaft, Technik, Literatur und Kunst 8: 5-9

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