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Picture of the Month (December 2008)
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1. only the first orderers of this revolutionary portable micro grill will be delivered with that legendary hand-knitted pot cloth - call us now!
2. Gimli, wo bist Du? (by Gollum)
3. untitled

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Alpine equipment: lantern, ice axe, mitten
This still life was probably created in the context of an expedition to the Monte Rosa in 1894. The Italian physiologist Angelo Mosso (1846 - 1910) headed this expedition to examine the energetic economy of the human organism in an alpine environment. Mainly respiration experiments had been carried out.

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Picture Source:
Anonymous. n.d. [Alpine equipment: lantern, ice axe, mitten]. Photograph. (Università di Torino, Biblioteca Angelo Mosso - [Envelope containing photographs])

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