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Picture of the Month (November 2008)
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1. a little radiation at the control room won't stop Homer enjoying his cigar ...
2. The Radioactive Sausage - Fun for all the Family! (by Practical Joke Supplies Inc.)
3. scientific awareness contributed and celebrated while smoking a cigarette. (by fehe)

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X-ray cinematographic study of the movement of the jaw joints
This image is a film still from an x-ray movie by the physician Robert Janker (1894 - 1964). He was a pioneer in the development of the Röntgenkinematographie (X-ray cinematography) in the late 1930s and produced educational X-ray films, some of them even with sound.

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Picture Source:
Janker, R. [Röntgeninstitut der Chirurgischen Universitätsklinik Bonn]. 1937. Röntgenkinematographische Studien über die Bewegungen der Kiefergelenke, des Hinterhauptgelenks und der Halswirbelgelenke [Hochschulfilm-Nr. C 294]. 08:07 min. (Bundesarchiv, Abt. Filmarchiv)

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