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Hall, Marshall

Basford, Nottinghamshire (U.K)

Brighton, Sussex (U.K.)

Degrees: M.D. University of Edinburgh 1812
Career: Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, 1811 was elected its senior president; M.D. University of Edinburgh 1812; 1812-16 various medical appointments (resident house physician to the Royal Infirmary at Edinburgh); 1814 tour through Europe; 1817-26 private practice, Nottingham; 1825 became physician to the General Hospital at Nottingham; 1826-50 private practice, London; 1853 visited the U.S.A.; 1854 went to Italy for the benefit of his health; 1857 died at Brighton.
Selected works: Hall, Marshall. 1831. A Critical and Experimental Essay on the Circulation of the Blood: Especially as Observed in the Minute and Capillary Vessels of the Batrachia and of Fishes. London: Seeley & Burnside [part of: Müller Library] Hall, Marshall. 1833. On the Reflex Function of the Medulla Oblongata and Medulla Spinalis. London: Taylor [part of: Müller Library] Hall, Marshall. 1836. Lectures on the Nervous System and its Diseases. London: Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper [part of: Müller Library] Hall, Marshall. 1847. Ueber retrograde Reflexthätigkeit im Frosche. Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin: 486-489 Hall, Marshall. 1851. On the Threatenings of Apoplexy and Paralysis, Inorganic Epilepsy, Spinal Syncope, Hidden Seizures, the Resultant Mania, etc. London: Longman, Brown, Green & Longman [part of: Müller Library]
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Sources: Zusne
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