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Halske, Johann Georg

Hamburg, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Career: 1828 apprenticeship as precision mechanic; worked in the workshops of Hirschmann and Pistor & Martins in Berlin and of Repsold in Hamburg; 1844 went into business for himself and formed a small mechanic firm with F. Bötticher in Berlin; 1845 met Werner von Siemens and both became founder members of the "Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin"; 1847 foundation of the "Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske" with Siemens in Berlin; co-director of the firm; expansion of the business and in 1857 introduction of series production and piece wages; 1864 retirement from the English subsidiary and by the end of the year from the Berlin company; for some years worked to develop the Arts and Craft Museum in Berlin; 1880-86 town councillor in Berlin.
Selected works: Siemens und Halske. 1901. Apparate und Einrichtungen für Untersuchungen mit Röntgen-Strahlen. Leipzig (Collection Paolo Brenni)
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