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Hall, Granville Stanley

Ashfield, Massachusetts, USA

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Degrees: B.A. (1867); M.A. (1870)
Career: Stay at Williston Academy in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and in 1863 entry into Williams College; 1867 B.A., 1870 M.A; 1867 attendance of Union Theological Seminary and acquaintance with Henry Ward Beecher; 1868-1871 studies in Bonn, Berlin and Heidelberg; return to the United States, teaching in boys' schools and tutoring of the family of banker Jesse Seligman; 1872 teacher of English literature at Antioch College (later also of modern languages and philosophy); instructor of English at Harvard and acquaintance with William James; two years of studies in Leipzig under Wundt, Carl Ludwig and others, and in Berlin under Helmholtz and Kronecker; Ph.D. in physiology at Harvard under Bowditch; writing and lecturing until 1881; 1881 professor of psychology and pedagogy at Johns Hopkins University, where he established the first formal laboratory of psychology in the United States; 1888 presidency of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts until retirement in 1920; founded and edited the American Journal of Psychology (1887), the Journal of Religious Psychology (1904), and helped to found Journal of Applied Pschology at Clark University in 1917.
Selected works: Hall, Granville Stanley. 1904. Adolescence: Its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education. New York: Appleton Hall, Granville Stanley. 1911. Educational Problems. London, New York: Appleton Hall, Granville Stanley. 1912. Founders of Modern Psychology. New York and London: Appleton Hall, Granville Stanley. 1917. Jesus the Christ in the Light of Psychology. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page & company Hall, Granville Stanley. 1922. Senescence. London, New York: Appleton
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