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Galton, Francis

Birmingham, UK

Haslemere, UK

Degrees: B.A., Cambridge University, 1844
Career: Studies of medicine at London; 1844 study trip through Europe and Africa; 1857 private scholar in London; no academic or official positions; 1882 laboratory in London established which was the first mental test center in the world; 1901 foundation of the journal Biometrika with Pearson and W. F. R. Weldon; 1909 knighted.
Selected works: Galton, Francis. 1877. Typical laws of heredity. Nature 15: 492-495, 512-514, 532-533 Galton, Francis. 1897. The average contribution of each several ancestor to the total heritage of the offspring. Proceedings of the Royal Society 61: 401-413 Galton, Francis. 1907. Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development. 2nd ed. London, New York: J. M. Dent Galton, Francis. 1892. Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into its Laws and Consequences. 2nd ed. London: Macmillan
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne
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