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Fulton, John Farquhar

St.Paul, Minnesota

New Haven, Connecticut

Degrees: Ph.D. in physiology, Oxford University, 1925; M.D. Harvard University, 1927; nine honorary degrees
Career: 1923-1925 demonstrator in physiology, Oxford University; 1925 Ph.D. in physiology, Oxford University ;1927 M.D. Harvard University; 1929 established the first primate laboratory for experimental physiology in the U.S.A. at Yale University; 1929-1951 professor of psychology, Yale University; 1951-1960 head, Department of History of Medicine at Yale University.
Selected works: Fulton, John F. 1932. Yale University, School of Medicine, Department of Physiology. Methods and Problems of Medical Education, no. 20: 17-23
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Sources: Zusne
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