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Picture of the Month (November 2009)
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Transmitter for an «Electric Disc» Railway Signal
This device is a transmitter with optical and acoustic controls for the position and movement of the «Disque électrique» railway signal according to Hipp. The emerging railway and telegraph networks in the 19th century required highly professional instruments for the standardisation of time and techniques. Matthäus Hipp, who in 1848 presented with his chronoscope one of the most important scientific instruments of that time, later became the director of the Swiss Telegraphenwerkstätte, responsible for the build-up of the local telegraph network, before he started his own enterprise in 1860.

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Picture Source:
Peyer et Favarger. n. d. Prix-Courant de la Fabrique de Télégraphes & Appareils électriques. Fondée par M. Hipp, en 1860. Peyer, Favarger & Compagnie, Catalogue A: I. Appareils télégraphiques, II. Appareils de sûreté et de contrôle pour chemins de fer. Neuchatel (Suisse)

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