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Picture of the Month (October 2009)
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1. Experiments in subjective idealism: Will a chair come into being when i intend to sit on it?
2. a nearly perfect landing after that hazardous triple Axel double flip combination! (by coach)
3. Ready, steady, go! (by bolt, u.)

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Trying to sit down
This film still is taken from "Field Forces as Impediments to a Performance" by Kurt Lewin. From 1935-44 he had a professorship in Child Psychology at the Child Welfare Research Station, University of Iowa.

In the film Hannah (1 year, 7 months) tries to take a seat on an inverted tub. In order to sit down it is first necessary to turn around and thus to make a movement contrary to the direction of the goal. Instead of turning, the child moves in the visual direction toward the goal.

After several futile tries a first glimmer of understanding arises: sitting down is in some way connected with turning around. On her first attempt, Hannah succeeds to sit down on the tub. All further attempts fail - as you can see above.

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Picture Source:
Lewin, Kurt. 1925, about. Field Forces as Impediments to a Performance. 09:04 min.

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