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Bowman, William, Sir

Nantwich (Cheshire, Engl.)

Dorking (Surrey, Engl.)

Career: 1832 apprenticeship at the hospital in Birmingham (under the surgeon W. A. Betts); 1837 studied at the medicinal department, King's College, London; 1838 prosector to Richard Bentley Todd; 1839 junior demonstrator of anatomy; 1840 assistant physician at King's College hospital; 1842 was awarded the royal medal in physiology; 1848-1856 professor of physiology at King's College; 1856-1870 worked as a surgeon, King's College hospital; 1877 vice president of the royal ophthalmic hospital; 1884 fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
Selected works: Bowman, William. 1840. On the minute structure and movements of voluntary muscle. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 130: 457-501 Bowman, William. 1841. Additional note on the contraction of voluntary muscle in the living body: From the philosophical transactions. London [part of: Müller Library]
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Sources: Schmidt
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