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Ohm, Georg Simon

Erlangen, Germany

Munich, Germany

Degrees: Ph. D. in mathematics, University of Erlangen, Germany, 1811
Career: 1805 studies of mathematics and physics at University of Erlangen, Germany; 1806 teaching mathematics in rural Switzerland; 1811 teaching mathematics for three semesters as a private lecturer at University of Erlangen; 1813-1817 schoolteacher for mathematics in Bamberg, Germany; 1817 senior master of mathematics and physics at the Jesuit Gymnasium at Cologne, Germany, experimental work in electricity and magnetism; 1826-1927 research in Berlin, Germany; 1828 teaching mathematics at the Allgemeine Kriegsschule and 1832 at the Vereinigte Artillerie- und Ingenieursschule, Berlin; 1833 professorship of physics at the Polytechnical School in Nuremberg, Germany; 1839 corresponding member of the Berlin and 1841 of the Turin Academy; 1841 received the Royal Society' s Copley Medal; 1845 full member of the Bavarian Academy and in 1849 curator of the Academy' s physical cabinet in Munich, Germany, with the obligation to lecture at University of Munich; 1852 chair in physics at University of Munich.
Selected works: Ohm, G. S. 1843. Ueber die Definition des Tones, nebst daran geknüpfter Theorie der Sirene und ähnlicher tonbildender Vorrichtungen. Annalen der Physik und Chemie 59: 513-565 Ohm, G. S. 1827. Die galvanische Kette, mathematisch bearbeitet. Berlin: Riemann
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