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Claparède, Edouard

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Degrees: M.D., University of Geneva, 1897
Career: Studies of science and medicine, later of psychology under Théodore Flournoy; 1897 MD from the University of Geneva; 1897-98 at La Salpêtrière hospital in Paris; 1901 foundation of the Archives de psychologie with Flournoy, which he edited until his death; from 1904 onward at the University of Geneva; 1904 General Secretary at the Second International Congress of Psychology; 1909 General Secretary at the Sixth International Congress of Psychology; 1915-1940 professor of psychology at the University of Geneva in succession to Flournoy; Permanent Secretary at the International Congress of Psychology; Life President of the Comité de l'Association Internationale des Conferences de Psychotechnique; founder of the Jean Jacques Rousseau Institute (1912) and a child-research center.
Selected works: Claparède, Edouard. 1903. L'association des idées. Paris: Doin Claparède, Edouard. 1931. L'éducation fonctionnelle. Neuchatel, Paris Claparède, Edouard. 1905. Esquisse d'une théorie biologique du sommeil. Archives de Psychologie 4: 245-349
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Related: See also Rand B. Evans documentary film Psychologists 1927-1933 (Tenth International Congress of Psychology, Copenhagen 1932, at min. 17:28).
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