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Nilsson-Ehle, Nils Herman

Skurup, Sweden

Lund, Sweden

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Lund, 1909
Career: Studies at the University of Malmö; 1891 studies at Lund University under Fredrik Wilhelm Christian Areschoug (1830-1908); 1894 candidate's degree; 1898-99 participates in an expedition to Siberia; 1901 licentiate degree and MSc in Lund with a dissertation on physiological adaptations of arctic plants; 1909 Ph.D. from Lund University with a dissertation on multifactorial inheritance in cereals and lecturer in botany at Lund University; 1900-1915 assistant at the Swedish Seed Association in Svalöf, department for wheat and oats; 1910-1938 president of the Mendelian Society; 1915-1938 chair of physiological botany at Lund University; 1917 chair of genetics at Lund University; 1921-1947 council member of the Swedish State Institute for Race Biology, Uppsala; 1925-1939 director of the Swedish Seed Associations's experimental station in Svalöv; 1931 organized a new department for chromosome investigations and the production of new types of polyploid cultivated plants; several honorary doctorates.
Selected works: Nilsson-Ehle, Herman. 1911. Mendélisme et acclimatation. In: IVe conférence international génétique Paris 1911. Comptes rendus et rapports, edited by Vilmorin, P. de, 136-157. Paris: Vrin Nilsson-Ehle, Nils Herman. 1911. Kreuzungsuntersuchungen an Hafer und Weizen II. Lunds Universitets Arsskrift N.F. 7: 1-83 Nilsson-Ehle, Herman. 1908. Årsberättelse öfver Sveriges Utsädesförenings verksamhet under år 1907. Hösthvetet. Sveriges Utsädesförenings Tidskrift 18: 111-122 Nilsson-Ehle, Herman. 1908. Einige Ergebnisse von Kreuzungen bei Hafer und Weizen. Botaniska Notiser: 257-294 Nilsson-Ehle, Herman. 1913. Einige Beobachtungen über erbliche Variationen der Chlorophylleigenschaft bei den Getreidearten. Zeitschrift für Induktive Abstammungs- und Vererbungslehre 9(4): 289-300
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Sources: DSB ; Schmidt
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