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Stumpf, Carl

Wiesentheid, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Degrees: Dr.phil., University of Göttingen, 1868
Career: Studies of psychology at the University of Göttingen; 1868 Dr.phil. under Rudolf Lotze; 1870-73 at the University of Göttingen; 1873-79 at the University of Würzburg; 1879-84 at the University of Prague; 1884-89 at the University of Halle; 1889-94 at the University of Munich and 1894-1921 at the University of Berlin, where he heads the Psychological Institute; 1898 foundation of the journal Beiträge zur Akustik und Musikwissenschaft; activities in many psychological projects and foundation of a society for children's psychology.
Selected works: Stumpf, Carl. 1873. Ueber den psychologischen Ursprung der Raumvorstellung. Leipzig: Hirzel Stumpf, Carl. 1883-1890. Tonpsychologie. Leipzig: Hirzel Stumpf, Carl. 1926. Die Sprachlaute: Experimentell-phonetische Untersuchungen nebst einem Anhang über Instrumental-Klänge. Berlin: Springer
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne ; Image: Collection Rand B. Evans
Related: See: Carl Stumpf Papers, Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv.
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