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Traube, Ludwig

Racibórz, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Degrees: M.D., University of Berlin, 1840
Career: 1835 studies of medicine under Purkyne (physiology), Otto (anatomy) and others at the University of Breslau; 1837 move to Berlin and studies under Johannes Müller and others; 1840 medical degree with a dissertation entitled Specimina nonnulla physiologica et pathologica; scientific research at Vienna under Skoda (physical diagnostics) and Rokitansky (general pathology); return to Berlin; 1841 state examination and private practice in Berlin; summer 1843 stay at Vienna; 1843 courses in the new physical examination methods such as auscultation and percussion held in a small circle of medical practitioners; co-founder and co-editor of Beiträge zur experimentellen Pathologie with Reinhardt and Virchow; 1848 Privatdozent at the University of Berlin; 1849 assistant to Schönlein at the Charité clinic; 1853 head of one department at the clinic; 1857 associate professor; head of the propaedeutic clinic; 1862 professor at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Institut; 1866 Geheimer Medizinalrat; 1872 full professor; 1875 honorary doctorate from the University of Leiden.
Selected works: Traube, Ludwig. 1871-1878. Gesammelte Beiträge zur Pathologie und Physiologie. Berlin: Hirschwald Traube, Ludwig. 1867. Die Symptome der Krankheiten des Respirations- und Circulations-Apparats: Vorlesungen gehalten an der Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität zu Berlin. Berlin: Hirschwald
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