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Bunge, Paul



Career: In his youth learned a technical trade (specialisation unknown) and aquired a good knowledge of engineering; since 1859 was registered in Hamburg as a mechanic; 1866 established a workshop of precision mechanics in Hamburg, where he built a new type of high precision balances; invented the short-beam analytical balance, a construction which was adopted by many other manufacturers worldwide; 1870 described the assay balance which was of great influence on the construction of the analytical organic chemists' microbalance; 1876 presented some of his precision balances at the exhibition of scientific instruments, London; 1884 published Beschreibung der Präcisionswaagen neuester Originalconstruction nebst Constructionsmotiven in Hamburg; about 1885 lost his eyesight; 1886 abandoned his workshop and sold it to Theodor Herzberg.
Selected works: Bunge, P. 1893. Preisliste der Werkstatt für Praecisionswaagen. Hamburg, Eilbeck: Hollmann, J.D. (Collection Ritzo Holtman (Meten & Wegen)) Bunge, Paul. 12.12.1901. [Letter to Angelo Mosso, concerning a scale]. 1 page (Università di Torino, Biblioteca Angelo Mosso)
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Sources: Jenemann, Hans R. 1986. Paul Bunge und die Fertigung wissenschaftlicher Waagen in Hamburg (Part 1 & 2). In: Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte 31: 117-140 (Part 1), 165-183 (Part 2)
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