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Buytendijk, Frederik Jacob Johan



Degrees: M.D. University of Utrecht, 1918
Career: 1904-1909 studied medicine, University of Amsterdam; 1906 won a gold medal for his essay on the influence of adrenalin on the vascular wall; worked in various laboratories (Zwaardemaker, Utrecht; Stazione Zoologica, Naples; Groningen laboratories); 1914 was appointed lector on general biology, Free University Amsterdam; 1918 director of the Physiological Laboratory of the Free University Amsterdam and received a doctorate (M.D.) from the University of Utrecht; 1919 professor of general physiology, Free University Amsterdam; 1924 accepted a call to Groningen; 1946 professor of theoretical psychology at Utrecht; 1947 appointment as professor exraordinary, University of Nijmegen; 1957 retirement.
Selected works: Buytendijk, Frederik Jakobus Johannes. 1907. Eenvoudige methode tot het vervaardigen van micro-photographieën. Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 51: 474-475
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Sources: Lindeboom, G.A. 1984. Dutch medical biography. Amsterdam: Rodopi
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