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Spearman, Charles Edward

London, U.K.

London, U.K.

Degrees: Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Leipzig, 1904 (under W.Wundt)
Career: Entered the Army in 1883, serving in Burma and resigning 1897; 1897-1907 studied in Germany, with Wundt at Leipzig, Külpe at Würzburg and Müller at Göttingen; Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Leipzig, 1904 (under W.Wundt); 1907-1911 reader at University College, London; 1911-1928 Grote professor of Philosophy of mind and logic, same institution; 1923-26 president, British Psychological Society; 1928 professor of psychology, University College, London; 1931 retirement.
Selected works: Spearmann, Charles E. 1906. Die Normaltäuschung in der Lagewahrnehmung. Psychologische Studien 1: 388-493 Spearman, Charles E. 1907. Kleine Mitteilungen: Einfluß der Bewegungsrichtung auf den Lokalisationsfehler. Psychologische Studien 2: 119-121
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Sources: Aldrich, R., and Gordon, P. 1989. Dictionary of British Educationists. London.
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