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Delabarre, Edmund Burke

Dover, Maine, USA

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Degrees: Ph.D. in psychology, University of Freiburg, 1891
Career: 1882 freshman year at Brown University; baccalaureate degree at Amherst College in 1886; 1887-88 studies at the University of Berlin; 1888-90 studies at Harvard University under William James; 1889 Master of Arts degree from Harvard; 1890-91 studies at the University of Freiburg under Hugo Münsterberg; 1891 appointed Associate Professor of Psychology at Brown University, but he left to study at the Sorbonne and did not begin his work at Brown University until the following year; 1892 established a psychological laboratory at Brown University; 1896 promoted to Professor of Psychology; 1896-97 Director of the Psychological Laboratory of Harvard University during the absence of Professor Münsterberg; one of the founders of the American Psychological Association in 1892; 1932 retired from active teaching.
Selected works: Delabarre, Edmund Burke. 1891. Über Bewegungsempfindungen: Inaug.-Diss. Freiburg in Baden: Epstein Delabarre, E. B., R. R. Logan and O. F. Reed. 1897. The force and rapidity of reaction movement. Psychological Review 4: 615-631 Delabarre, E. B. 1894. Les laboratoires de psychologie en Amérique. L'Année Psychologique 1: 209-255
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Sources: Zusne ; Carmichael, Leonard. 1945. Edmund Burke Delabarre, 1863-1945. The American Journal of Psychology: 406-409
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