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Bichat, Marie-Francois Xavier

Thoirette (near Lyon, France)

Paris, France

Career: 1791-1793 studied anatomy in Lyon, medicine in Montpellier (student of Barthez) and surgery in Paris; 1794 worked with the surgeon Desault, whose works he edited; 1797 lectures about anatomy and physiology at the University of Paris; 1801 physician at the Hotel de dieu, Paris; died in an accident 1802.
Selected works: Bichat, Xavier. 1800. Recherches physiologiques sur la vie et la mort. Paris: Broson, Gabon et Cie. [part of: Müller Library] Bichat, Xavier. 1830-31. Anatomie generale: Appliquée à la physiologie et à la médecine (Vol. 1-4). Paris [part of: Müller Library]
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne
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