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Himmel, Richard

Quedlinburg, Germany

Bochum, Germany

Career: 1899 after an apprenticeship in agriculture, studies of economics and agriculture at the University of Halle/Saale (uncompleted); further self-education in plant breeding; studies of seed breeding enterprises Beseler-Weende, Kirsche-Pfiffelbach and von Lochow-Petkus; After 1900 plant breeding activities; 1913 after his father's death taking over the family agricultural enterprise; 1914 begins to breed peas as feed for animals; 1932 forced sale of the enterprise; same year re-purchase and reorganiaztion and abandoning of plant breeding activities; 1945 dispossesion; 1952 flight to West-Germany.
Selected works:
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Sources: Röbbelen, Gerhard. 2002. Biographisches Lexikon zur Geschichte der Pflanzenzüchtung. 1. Folge. Göttingen: Gesellschaft für Pflanzenzüchtung
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