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Frank, Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Otto

Gross-Umstadt, Germany

Munich, Germany

Degrees: Dr. med., University of Leipzig, 1892
Career: Studies of medicine in Munich and Kiel; 1889 medical state examination; took a doctoral degree in 1892 and worked at Carl Ludwig´s Physiological Institute in Leipzig; in 1894 assistant to Carl von Voit at the Physiological Institute of Munich; 1895 habilitation treatise Zur Dynamik des Herzmuskels; 1902 associated professor; 1905-1908 full professor (Ordinariat) in Gießen; afterwards took over Voit´s professorship at the Institute of Munich; enforced retirement in 1934 because of his opposition to the Nazi regime.
Selected works: Frank, Otto. 1903. Kritik der elastischen Manometer. Zeitschrift für Biologie 45: 445-613 Frank, Otto. 1925. Theorie und Konstruktion des Hebelmanometers. Zeitschrift für Biologie 83: 1-15 Frank, Otto. 1895. Zur Dynamik des Herzmuskels. Zeitschrift für Biologie 32: 370-437 Frank, Otto. 1904. Die unmittelbare Registrierung der Herztöne. Münchener medicinische Wochenschrift: 953-954 Frank, Otto. 1920. Die Elastizität der Blutgefäße. Zeitschrift für Biologie 71: 255-272
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Sources: Boylan, John W., ed. 1971. Founders of Experimental Physiology: Biographies and Translations. München: J. F. Lehmanns Verlag ; NDB
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