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Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von

Leonberg, Germany

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Career: 1790 studies of theology and philosophy at the Protestant theological foundation at the University of Tübingen; friendship with Hegel and Hölderlin; 1792 master's degree in philosophy with a paper on biblical subjects; 1795 master's degree in theology; tutor; 1796-98 studies of natural science and medicine in Leipzig; 1798 extraordinary professor at Jena; introduction into the circle of the Romantic school at Dresden with August Wilhelm and Friedrich Schlegel, their wives, and with Novalis and Tieck; 1803 full professor at Würzburg; 1806 move to Munich; general secretary of the Academy of Fine Arts; 1820-27 private lectures on philosophy, mythology and the history of philosphy at Erlangen; 1827 return to Munich; head curator of the scientific collections and president of the Academy of Sciences; 1841-46 lecturer at Berlin; honorary doctorate of medicine by the University of Landshut (1802).
Selected works: Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von. 1856-67. Sämtliche Werke. Stuttgart, Augsburg
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