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Malpighi, Marcello

Crevalcore, Italy

Rome, Italy

Career: 1646 entered the University of Bologna where Francesco Natali was his tutor; 1649 studies of medicine at the schools of Bartolomeo Massari and of Andrea Mariani; 1653 graduation as doctor of medicine and philosophy; 1656 lecturer in logic; 1656-59 chair of theoretical medicine at the University of Pisa; 1659 extraordinary lecturer in theoretical medicine at Bologna; 1660 ordinary lecturer at the university in practical medicine; 1662 chair of medicine at the University of Messina; 1666 return to Bologna to lecture in practical medicine; 1691 chief physician to Pope Innocent XII in Rome.
Selected works: Malpighi, Marcello. 1686. Opera omnia. London Malpighi, Marcello. 1661. De pulmonibus observationes anatomicae. Bologna Malpighi, Marcello. 1661. De pulmonibus epistola altera. Bologna Malpighi, Marcello. 1665. De externo tactus organo anatomica observatio. Neapel Malpighi, Marcello. 1669. Dissertatio epistolica de bombyce. London
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