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Broca, Pierre Paul

Sainte Foy-la-Grande, France

Paris, France

Degrees: M.D., 1849
Career: 1841 entered the University of Paris medical school; 1843 externe; 1844 interne; 1848 prosector of anatomy; 1849 M.D.; graduate studies in pathology, anatomy and surgery; 1853 assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine and surgeon of the Central Bureau; surgeon to the Necker Hospital and other posts in the hospitals of Paris; 1867 chair of pathologie externe at the Faculty of Medicine; 1868 professor of clinical surgery; six months before his death life member of the French Senate representing science; vice-president of the French Academy of Medicine; responsible for the formation of the Société d'Anthropologie de Paris (1859), the Revue d'anthropologie (1872) and the École d'Anthropologie (1876).
Selected works: Broca, Pierre Paul, C. Bonamy and E. Beau. 1850-1866. La splanchnologie. Paris Broca, Pierre Paul. 1853. De l'étranglement dans les hernies abdominales et des affections qui peuvent le simuler. Paris Broca, Pierre Paul. 1856. Des anévrismes et de leur traitement. Paris Broca, Pierre Paul. 1866-1869. Traité des tumeurs. Paris
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