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Liebreich, Richard L.

Kaliningrad, Russia


Career: Studies at Königsberg, Berlin and Halle; 1853 doctoral dissertation entitled De ichthyosi intrauterina; work with Donders in Utrecht and Brücke in Berlin; 1854-1862 intern at the Von Graefe'sche Klinik in Berlin; 1862 ophthalmologist in Paris; 1870 ophthalmologist and instructor of ophthalmology at the St. Thomas Hospital in London.
Selected works: Liebreich, Richard. 1863. Atlas der Ophthalmologie. Berlin: August Hirschwald Liebreich, Richard. 1872. Eine neue Methode der Cataract-Extraction. Berlin Liebreich, Richard. 1877. School life in its influence on sight and figure. London
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Sources: Hirsch, August, ed. n.d. Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Aerzte aller Zeiten und Völker. Reprint der Ausgabe Wien / Leipzig, 1884 ; Garrison, Fielding H. 1921. An Introduction to the History of Medicine with Medical Chronology, Suggestions for Study and Bibliographic Data. Philadelphia, London: W. B. Saunders Company
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