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Cattell, James McKeen

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Degrees: Ph.D. in psychology, University of Leipzig, 1886
Career: Studies of philosophy; 1882-83 fellowship in philosophy at Johns Hopkins University; 1883-86 first research assistant to Wilhelm Wundt; 1886 Ph.D. in psychology under Wundt from the University of Leipzig; 1887-91 University of Pennsylvania where he established a psychological laboratory in 1887; 1891-1917 Columbia University; 1917 founder and president of the Psychological Corporation; 1895 president of the American Psychological Association; 1929 Ninth International Congress of Psychology; editor of Psychological Review (1894-1903), Popular Science Monthly (1900-1915), Science (1904-44), American Naturalist (1907-44), School and Society (1915-39); founder and president of Scientific Monthly (1915-43).
Selected works: Cattell, James McKeen. 1890. Mental tests and measurements. Mind 15: 373-81 Cattell, James McKeen. 1885. Ueber die Zeit der Erkennung und Benennung von Schriftzeichen, Bildern und Farben. Philosophische Studien 2: 635-650 Cattell, James McKeen. 1886. Psychometrische Untersuchungen, Erste Abtheilung. Philosophische Studien 3: 305-335 Cattell, James McKeen. 1886. Psychometrische Untersuchungen, Zweite Abtheilung. Philosophische Studien 3: 452-492 Cattell, James McKeen. 1902. The time of perception as a measure of differences in intensity. Philosophische Studien 19: 63-68
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Related: See also Rand B. Evans documentary film Psychologists 1927-1933 (Ninth International Congress of Psychology Yale University, New Haven, Conn., September 1-7, 1929, at min. 11:39; Tenth International Congress of Psychology, Copenhagen 1932, at min. 15:44 ).
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