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Eckhard, Conrad

Kassel, Germany

Gießen, Germany

Career: Examination as a secondary school teacher passed; studies of medicine at Berlin and at Marburg; 1848 prosector at Marburg under L. Fick and assistant to C. Ludwig; 1850 prosector and physiological assistant to Th. L. W. Bischoff at Gießen; Habilitation from the University of Gießen; 1855-1891 associate professor of physiology and anatomy at Gießen; 1858-1888 editor of Beiträge zur Anatomie and Physiologie.
Selected works: Eckhard, Conrad. 1854. Grundzüge der Physiologie des Nervensystems. Giessen: Ricker Eckhard, Conrad. 1867. Experimentalphysiologie des Nervensystems. Giessen: Verlag von Emil Roth Eckhard, Conrad. 1862. Lehrbuch der Anatomie des Menschen. Giessen: Ferber
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Sources: Some founders ; Gorzny, Willy, ed. 1998. Deutscher biographischer Index. München: K. G. Saur
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