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Secenov [Sechenov, Setschenow], Ivan Michajlovic

Sechenovo, Russia

Moscow, Russia

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Degrees: M.D., Military-Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, 1860
Career: 1843-1848 Military Engineering School in St. Petersburg; 1848-1850 military engineer at Kiev; 1850-1856 studies of medicine at Moscow University; between 1856 and 1862, studies and work in the laboratories of Johannes Müller, Emil Du Bois-Reymond, Helmholtz (Berlin), Hoppe-Seyler (Leipzig), Ludwig (Vienna) and Bernard (Paris); 1860-1870 professor at the St. Petersburg Medico-Surgical Academy; foundation of the first Russian school of physiology; after resigning (to protest the rejection of Elie Metschnikoff), chemical research in Mendeleev's laboratory in St. Petersburg; 1871-1876 chair at the Novorossysk University at Odessa; 1876-1888 professor at St. Petersburg and 1891-1901 at Moscow.
Selected works: Sechenov, Ivan M. 1860. Materialy dlya budushchey fiziologii alkogolnogo opyanenia. St. Petersburg Sechenov, Ivan M. 1862. O zhivatnom elektrichestve. St. Petersburg Sechenov, Ivan M. 1863. Refleksy golovnogo mozga. Meditsinsky vestnik 47-48 Sechenov, Ivan M. 1866. Fiziologia nervnoy sistemy. St. Petersburg Sechenov, Ivan M. 1873. Komu i kak razrabatyvat psikhologiyu. Vestnik Evropy 4
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne ; DSB
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