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Richet, Charles Robert

Paris, France

Paris, France

Degrees: M.D., University of Paris, 1877; Ph.D. in physiology, 1878
Career: Enrollment in a medical school while he also wrote poetry and drama; 1873-75 hypnotic experiments; 1876-1882 work in the laboratories of Étienne Jules Marey and of Marcelin Berthelot at the Collège de France, and of Alfred Vulpian at the Faculty of Medicine; histological examinations in the laboratory of Charles Robin, and studies of digestion in fish at a marine biological station directed by Paul Bert; 1876 assistant to the surgeon Aristide Verneuil; 1878 agrégation examination and nomination as professeur agrégé at the Faculty of Medicine, where he began to work in the physiological laboratory directed by Vulpian; 1883 direction of his own students and lectures in physiology at the Faculty of Medicine; 1887 chair of physiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris; 1913 Nobel Prize.
Selected works: Richet, Charles R. 1878. Des circonvolutions cérébrales. Paris Richet, Charles R. 1878. Du suc gastrique chez l'homme et les animaux. Paris: Baillière Richet, Charles R. 1882. Physiologie des muscles et des nerfs. Paris: Baillière Richet, Charles R. 1884. L'homme et l'intelligence: Fragments de physiologie et de psychologie. Paris: F. Alcan
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne ; DSB
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