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Picture of the Month (August 2010)
Dedicated User Captions:
1. That's one small step for a frog, one giant leap for physiology.
2. Frösche sind einfach der Renner! (by truely yours)
3. Lesson 1: Never play leap frog with unicorns (by Teresa T.)

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Electro-physiological experimental set-up
In the middle of the 19th century scholars like Helmholtz, Du Bois-Reymond, Marey and others started to establish a new 'nerve and muscle physics', a field of research labeled as 'neurophysiology' years later. "The nearly exclusively used research object for electro-physiological experiments is the frog", wrote Cyon in his comprehensive compendium on the methods of physiological experiments (Methodik der Physiologischen Experimente und Vivisectionen) in 1876. The image is taken from the atlas to this text book and illustrates the basic preperation of a frog's leg muscles and nerves for those experiments.

Related Items:
This preperation used in a demonstration apparatus, the so-called Frog gun (acc. to Du Bois-Reymond, 1873)

Picture Source:
Cyon, Elie de. 1876. Atlas zur Methodik der Physiologischen Experimente und Vivisectionen. Giessen, St. Petersburg: Carl Ricker [part of: Wundt Library]

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