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Picture of the Month (June 2010)
Dedicated User Captions:
1. a close-up view of the millennium bug
2. bee brother is watching you
3. the dna for the fitting is still a week point of the bio-electric light bulb

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Stereoscopic microphotograph [head of a bee]
From a series of 20 stereoscopic microphotographs ('Mikroplast' images) on zoology and botany, provided in original bromide photographs in high gloss. The image shows the head of a bee seen from the front, one can easily recognize the antennas and the mandibles folded out (Fig. 1, Brehm 1869).

The picture is taken from a comprehensive catalogue for the latest teaching aids for schools, from primary schools up to higher eduction, that was published annually from 1892 to 1914 in Germany.

Related Items:
Brehm, Alfred Edmund. 1869. Illustrirtes Thierleben: Die Honigbiene, Hausbiene (Apis mellifica)

Picture Source:
Verlag K. F. Koehler, ed. 1914. Bibliotheca paedagogica. Verzeichnis der bewährtesten und neuesten Lehrmittel für höhere, mittlere und Elementarschulen. 21. Ausgabe. Leipzig

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