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Picture of the Month (May 2009)
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1. it's not easy being green..
2. A secret look into Kermit's wardrobe - just after the laundry was done (by K. Ermit)
3. Ach, sie bleiben an dem langen, Dürren Ast des Baumes hangen, Und ihr Hals wird lang und länger, Ihr Gesang wird bang und bänger. (by W. Busch)

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Frog clamps and gallows
This equipment is used for the Rosenkranzversuch from 1872, a demonstration experiment by Friedrich Leopold Goltz to show the activity of a frogs stomach after cutting the central nerves.

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Goltz, Friedrich Leopold, Head of the Physiological Institute, University of Strasbourg

Hochschulfilm Nr. C 259: Skramlik, Emil von. [1938]. Die Tätigkeitsweise des Froschmagens [Begleitheft]

Picture Source:
Majer, F. 1888. Physiologische Apparate. Strassburg (Collection Rand B. Evans)

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