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Picture of the Month (August 2008)
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1. Let's dance!
2. gepetto brauchte eine weile bis pinocchio perfekt war...
3. I understand the gravity of the situation: I am not the one pulling the strings here -

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Centre of gravity mechanism according to Fischer
This mechanism can take in any position of the human body so that it shows the entire centre of gravity as well as the centres of gravity of its parts. It projects those positions onto the median layer and shows precisely any change of the centres of gravity when any joint is moved.

Related Items:
The construction was provided by E. Zimmermann, 1928, a manufacturer of scientific instruments. The catalogue from which this figure is taken also shows a lot of other scientific instruments. For receiving an impression of what instrument makers had to offer, have a look at the Ophtalmotrope acc. to Wundt or the Ergograph acc. to Mosso from the Zimmermann catalogue.

Picture Source:
Zimmermann, E. 1928. Psychologische und Physiologische Apparate: Liste 50. Leipzig & Berlin (Collection Rand B. Evans)

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