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Picture of the Month (February 2008)
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1. is this the early zz top?
2. On the shoulders of dwarfs
3. That Mario was one strong plumber...

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Trademark of the Tannenkrug Plantbreeding Station
The picture shows the trademark of the C. Cronemeyer plantbreeding station at Tannenkrug, Germany. The inscription reads "Tannenkrüger Walzen-Runkelrübe" (drum beet from Tannenkrug). Mainly red and yellow forage beets had been grown and cultivated.

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Interactive map of the german plantbreeding stations around 1910, with the station at Tannenkrug indicated.

Picture Source:
Hillmann, Paul. 1910. Die deutsche landwirtschaftliche Pflanzenzucht. Berlin: Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft

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