How to navigate?

The Virtual Laboratory (VL) consists of two interrelated spaces (Sitemap):

When entering you arrive at the ESSAYS section where you will find an update of recent contributions to the VL. To view any of the texts presented here, click on their title. You will find links to the lists of all essays and articles as well as to related topics on the left side of the window. The ESSAYS button on the navigation bar above takes you back to this section from any other location within the VL.

If you want to browse the holdings of the VL, use the navigation bar above. The holdings are sorted into seven different sections: EXPERIMENTS, TECHNOLOGY, OBJECTS, SITES, PEOPLE, CONCEPTS, and LIBRARY. To jump to another section, just click the section you are interested in.

On each page you will find a vertical tool bar on the left hand side. It provides you with further navigation possibilities within the section you have chosen. To read about each section click on ABOUT THIS SECTION on this navigation tool bar. You will also find links within the texts of a section to related information within other sections.

Site and Project Information:
The HOME button on the lower navigation tool bar takes you back to the entry page, ABOUT provides you with information about the history, goal and team of the VL, SITEMAP gives an overview to the site and its structure, and CONTACT offers the contact form. SEARCH allows searching the holdings of this site while at TOOLS you will find some information on experimental ways to explore the VL. The SURVEY has the aim to get to know our visitors better and in MYLAB our visitors may create their own workbenches to work with the holdings of the site. INTRANET provides internal information for the members of the team.

Icons, used on this site:
pageone6 picture view the scan of the related document
show all images of this source
add this object to your active myLab set
illustr_list picture takes you to an illustrated version of a list
external link external link, will open in a new window