MyLab Examples

This is a first demo set to demonstrate the features of this public beta version of myLab.

A lot of things are working already: you can create your own sets, manage their visibility to others, and invite other users to work collaborative with them. You may add text elements, external links and files as well as objects from the Virtual Laboratory, a possibility to save search requests will follow. All comments may include xLinks that are resolved automatically.

tec148 Simple contact clock with time marker

Source: Petzold, Wilhelm. 1891. Preis-Verzeichniss der Werkstätte für Präcisions-Mechanik von Wilh. Petzold: Abtheilung der Instrumente und Apparate für physiologische Experimente und Vivisectionen. Leipzig (Collection Rand B. Evans) (p. 0016, fig. 55)
you can store any objects from the Virtual Laboratory in the set and add your own comments. they may include a so-called xLink to a related item within the Virtual Laboratory. xLinks can be found at the bottom of every items data sheet
you may add text elements with some general remarks as well.
The Virtual Laboratory is part of this project.
exp58 Fatigue studies in the isolated frog heart

Source: Luciani, Luigi. 1872. Eine periodische Funktion des isolirten Froschherzens. Arbeiten aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig: 113-196
this is from the EXPERIMENTs section...
tec1510 Metronome with mercury contact

Source: Jaquet, James. n. d. Jaquet Apparatus: Catalogue 503. Basle (Collection Rand B. Evans) (p. 0076, fig. 70)
... and this from TECHNOLOGY
File: frogsNew.gif (click to download)
files like images or PDFs can be provided for download