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Mosso's ergograph

Ergograph nach Mosso

  Source   Zimmermann, E. 1928. Psychologische und Physiologische Apparate: Liste 50. Leipzig & Berlin (Collection Rand B. Evans) view the source
  People   Mosso, Angelo (1846-1910)
  Sites   Physiological Institute, University of Turin (1894)
  Related Literature   Mosso, Angelo: Ueber die Gesetze der Ermüdung: Untersuchungen an Muskeln des Menschen (1890)
Landois, Leonard und William Stirling. 1891. X. Physiology of the motor apparatus: 304. Fatigue and Recovery of Muscle. In: A text-book of human physiology, 4th ed., edited by Leonard Landois and William Stirling, 613-617. London: Charles Griffin and Company
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink