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Artificial waterfall. After Bowditch

Artificial waterfall. After Bowditch; made in the Laboratory [acc. to No.162 in Münsterberg, 1893, Psychological Laboratory at Harvard University.]

  Source   Anonymous. 1892. Harvard Psychological Laboratory in Dane Hall: Interior of a Laboratory Room (Students studying the effect of attention on color perception). Photograph. (Harvard University Archives - HUPSF Psychological Laboratories (2)) view the source
  Sites   Psychological Laboratory, Harvard University (1893)
  Related Literature   Münsterberg, Hugo. 1893. Psychological Laboratory of Harvard University. Cambridge, Mass.: University Press of Cambridge, Mass.
Hall, Granville Stanley and Henry P. Bowditch. 1882. Optical Illusions of Motions. Journal of Physiology 3: 297-307
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink