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International Physiological Laboratory, Capanna Regina Margherita on Monte Rosa,1904

Source: Mosso, Angelo. 1904. Das internationale physiologische Laboratorium auf dem Monte Rosa. Die Umschau: Übersicht über die Fortschritte und Bewegungen auf dem Gesamtgebiet der Wissenschaft, Technik, Literatur und Kunst 8: 5-9 view the source
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments Respiration Apparatus
spacerObjects guinea pigs
human beings (unspec.)
spacer People
spacer- Head Prof. Dr. A. Mosso
Prof. N. Zuntz
Prof. Durig
spacer- Assistants
spacer- Architects
spacer- Others Prof. Galeotti
Dr. Giacomo Marro
Dr. Carlo Foà
Dr. Alberto Aggazzotti
Prof. W. Atwater
Luigi Magnani (laboratory clerk)
Experiments: not yet available
Associated Journals:
Related Literature: Material on earlier scientific expeditions to the Capanna Regina Margherita on Monte Rosa:
- Cartella: Monte Rosa. Tracciati fatti alla Capanna Margherita 1894. [1894]
- Mosso, Angelo. 1894. Spedizione Scientifica al Monte Rosa [Photographic album]. 42 Photographs.
- [Mosso, Angelo]. 1885. Appunti sul Monte Rosa 1885 e 1894 [Laboratory notebook vol. 8, part 1: 1885]. 109 pages
- [Mosso, Angelo]. 1894. Appunti sul Monte Rosa 1885 e 1894 [Laboratory notebook vol. 8, part 2: 1885]. 60 pages
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