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Psychological Laboratory, Cornell University,1900

Source: Titchener, Eduard B. 1900. The Psychological Laboratory of Cornell University. Worcester: Oliver B. Wood view the source
spacerTopics acoustics/ hearing (music etc.)
olfaction/ smell & taste
optics/ sight/ visual sensations
haptics/ tactile/ muscular sense
psychology (experimental, physiol.)
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments fall-phonometer
ellis-Helmholtz harmonical
arm-movement apparatus
photometer bar
arc-light projection lantern
ground glass projection screen
tinned-iron rheostat
varnishing tray
acoumeter (Politzer/ Meyrowitz)
zriple fall-phonometer (Titchener/ Willyoung)
quadruple sound-pendulum (Titchener/ Francis)
wheatstone stereoscope and telestereoscope (Sanford model/ Whitney)
tropostereoscope (Ludwig/ Petzold)
mirror pseudoscope (Stratton)
spacer People
spacer- Head
spacer- Assistants
spacer- Architects
spacer- Others
Experiments: not yet available
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